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At our two locations in Randwick and Campbelltown, GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics are dedicated to helping men and women in Sydney look and feel beautiful. With a variety of treatments suited to enhance our patients’ body, face and hair we offer services that work towards meeting the needs of our patients. Choosing the right aesthetic treatment for you is a very important personal decision that you should make after a thorough assessment and consultation. Our clinics offer a total program to help you at every stage of the way including appropriate pain relief options and even anxiety relief for those who need it. Our treatment programs cover everything from patient education to physician consultations, treatment and post treatment care.

Services to suit your needs

We have a wide range of cosmetic procedures available including laser treatment for photorejuvenation, facial skin resurfacing, removal of capillaries and pigmentation, wrinkle smoothing injections and other skin filling injections and skin treatment. We also provide treatments for cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer care, hair regrowth, removal of veins, permanent hair removal and more. It is our goal to educate and comfort you during each stage of your treatment to ensure you are comfortable and understanding of the particular service you are receiving.  During your consultation with Dr George Calfas or Madeline Calfas we will discuss your options to determine the most ideal treatment to suit your needs.

A team that cares

At GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics we pride ourselves on providing our patients with high quality services and team that genuinely cares about the happiness and wellbeing of every single patient. When considering treatments for your face, body and hair you must consider the skill and training of the professional along with the history of the practice. At GMC Cosmetic Clinics our doctors, nurses and medical professionals are specifically trained in cosmetic medicine and have the skills required to prescribe and treat patients ethically and professionally.